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October 18, 2022

It is reported that the global industrial coatings market is expected to be worth roughly $115.69 billion by 2028. With this growth in the industrial coatings market, there are lots of new products, but how can a spray-on liner help your truck?  

Ensuring that your truck bed has got the protection it needs is crucial. Not only can it stop it from getting damaged easily, but it also saves you money on maintenance.

Mobile spray rigs can be a great form of protection for your truck bed liner. They can offer many benefits and it protects your truck bed in multiple ways.

The good news is that at Shield Industrial Coatings, we have broken down all of the ways that polyurea spray equipment can protect your truck bed.

So if you would like to learn more about polyurea coatings, and how they can protect your truck bed, then keep reading. 

What Is a Spray-on Liner?

We appreciate that not everyone is familiar with what a spray-on liner is, and how it works, so we are going to cover it now. A spray-on liner is simply a coating that is sprayed onto a truck bed to help offer it more protection. 

The process is straightforward and it is done in a paint booth with a spray gun. A typical spray-on liner can last anywhere from 1 year to 3 years and most spray liners will start to show signs of fading within the first 6 months to a year. 

It is worth noting that there are different types of spray-on liners and some are more effective than others. So when you are choosing a spray liner it’s important to do your research.  

UV Protection

One big benefit of spray-on liners is that they offer UV protection. This is due to the materials that the spray-on liners are made from such as polyurea.

UV rays can be one of the quickest causes of damage to your truck bed. They can cause your truck bed to start looking cracked and worn out.

UV can also make the truck’s paint fade which can cost a lot of money to replace. Particularly if you are in a hot climate or if you plan on using your truck during the summer months then the heat can build up. 

This can increase the amount of damage to your truck bed. 

The good news is that many spray-on liners can protect against up to 80% of UV rays. 

Prevents Corrosion

A problem that truck beds often encounter is a risk of corrosion. It is more likely that corrosion will happen if there isn’t any protection on the truck bed. 

This is because the truck’s metal frame can start to develop signs of corrosion when it is exposed to air and water. If the metal frame has been exposed to air for a long time then oxidation can set in which can also cause rusting. 

Of course, if there is no protection at all, then the truck’s metal frame will become damaged very quickly. The spray-on liner creates a barrier between the metal frame and the elements.  

As long as the barrier is intact then the risk of corrosion reduces.   

Protection From Truck Bed Damage

Another important function of the spray-on liner is to reduce the risk of your truck bed becoming scratched. Unfortunately, metal is an easy material to scratch and if you don’t have protection then scratches will come up.

When using your truck to move large items, furniture, or equipment, scratches are a lot more likely to occur. This can cause damage to your truck bed as well as your cargo.  

However, the spray-on liner can provide a layer of protection against any scratches or marks. A good liner will make sure that most scratches are never able to break through the liner’s material and get to the metal underneath. 

This can give you the reassurance that your truck bed is protected even when moving equipment and furniture. 

Maintain Truck Value

Buying a truck can be expensive and the last thing you want to worry about is paying to get a new truck. Particularly if you have to get a new truck because your old one is too damaged and needs replacing

If rust, scratches, or corrosion takes place then it can damage the overall value of the truck. 

Unfortunately, these types of damage can happen very easily and it doesn’t take long before they start to add up and impact the truck. 

This can make the truck much harder to sell in the future and it can have a big effect on its overall price.

However, a good spray-on liner gives truck beds the overall protection they need to help them stay intact.

While you do have to pay for your truck’s spray-on liner, it is a small cost to ensure that your vehicle is in great condition. So if you decide to keep your vehicle then you can also expect it to be in good condition for years as long as you keep using spray-on liner.

Protect Your Truck Bed Today

Getting protection for your truck doesn’t have to be a difficult process. There are lots of different spray-on-liner solutions out there.

The good news is that at Shield Industrial Coatings, we provide lots of protective coating options for your truck.

So if you would like to learn more about our different protective options for your truck, you can get more information on our automotive protective solutions here.


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