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Polyurea can help with wood protection by coating the surface of the wood and sealing it off from the environment. This will help to prevent moisture and other elements from getting to the wood, which can cause damage over time.

This chemical is moisture-locking for rot prevention and helps maintain the integrity of the structure.

The primary benefit of polyurea coatings is their ability to protect wood from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, moisture, and other environmental elements. Polyurea coatings also provides abrasion, chemical, and slip resistance to the surface of wood. In addition, polyurea coatings can be pigmented to almost any color and can be used to create a custom design.

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Shield Industrial Coatings is a USA made Polyurea chemical supplier. Polyurea is an extremely versatile, thick milled, quick-setting material that can provide benefits in many different industries due to its dynamic chemical structure. Polyurea products are available in custom colors and used as spray coatings for corrosion protection, chemical resistance, and spray in bed liners.


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