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Polyurea is a spray-on coating that is used to coat and protect or restore concrete. Polyurea has unmatched chemical properties that make it an ideal solution to concrete coatings including its ability to expand and contract with the concrete instead of cracking like traditional styles of coatings.

It has been proven to slow the rate of deterioration by providing a barrier against moisture and other severe environmental conditions that concrete alone cannot withstand. Polyurea has the ability to withstand high traffic and most equipment use for years to come with no threat of damage.

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Shield Industrial Coatings is a USA made Polyurea chemical supplier. Polyurea is an extremely versatile, thick milled, quick-setting material that can provide benefits in many different industries due to its dynamic chemical structure. Polyurea products are available in custom colors and used as spray coatings for corrosion protection, chemical resistance, and spray in bed liners.


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