The Benefits of Polyurea Coatings for Residential Flooring

December 15, 2022

The home remodeling market saw significant gains in 2022, with homeowner renovations outpacing previous years. Polyurea coatings, which seal floors, are an excellent choice for your next remodeling project. If you haven’t thought about protective floor coverings, now’s the time to see why this choice is best for your home.

The benefits of polyurea flooring include easy maintenance, durability, and slip resistance.

Here’s more on why polyurea coatings are perfect for residential flooring.

Easy Maintenance

Nearly 70 percent of Americans report being stressed about maintaining their homes. Constant cleaning, decluttering, and ‘straitening up’ are constant worries. Polyurea coatings can take away the stress of cleaning your home.

For example, a garage floor coating with polyurea coating installation means easy cleanup. Just get a broom and a dustpan! In just a few minutes, the cleanup is over.

Here’s how polyurea coating works – polyurea concrete coatings are non-porous. Polyurea coatings won’t absorb water, paint, or motor oil. Cleanup is as easy as using a paper towel.

You won’t spend hours scrubbing or using harsh chemicals on your flooring. You won’t even have to get your hands and knees to clean!

Protective floor coatings will cost you more; however, once you discover how easy they are to clean, it’s an easy sell.


Polyurea protective floor coatings are the most durable on the market. When you invest in residential coating floors, you want something heavy-duty and long-lasting.

The non-porous polyurea concrete coating means chemicals and paint won’t stain. Garages are full of spills and messes. Coating residential floors mean they will always look new.

A polyurea coating installation will protect floors against dropping weights or tools. The coating won’t chip. Should anything hit the floor, there’s durable protection.

Another benefit is that your flooring won’t corrode. Chemical reactions and acid can wear down a floor, but not with polyurea. It stands up to anything.

You can use polyurea flooring inside or outside. Regardless of the temperature, your flooring is durable. It can withstand wild swings in temperatures and humidity.


Slips and falls are a significant concern in any home. Statistics show more than 40 thousand people die each year from a fall at home or work. Avoid having the flooring in your home be a cause of an accident.

Your polyurea garage floor coating will handle all kinds of weather conditions. You can avoid slipping on the flooring when you come inside from the rain.

Moreover, use polyurea flooring on the pool deck. With kids (and adults) running around having fun, you reduce the chance of an accident. Polyurea outperforms any other type of coverage you might choose.

Let’s face it – slips and falls are preventable, especially with a polyurea concrete coating.


Here’s how polyurea coating works with the design of your home – you can choose just about any design and color you want!

Garages and other spaces can sometimes be awkward. Polyurea flooring gets into every nook and cranny.

Many types of polyurea flooring use chips, much like granite countertops. There are several different patterns to choose from. You can work with a professional to get the perfect design.

Fast Curing

Shortly after a professional installs polyurea flooring, it’s ready to use. It has a speedy ‘cure rate.’

In four to six hours, the floor is usable! And a little more than 24 hours later, you can park a car on the surface or use it for gym equipment.

Polyurea is the answer for the impatient homeowner who likes a quick renovation.

Multiple Uses

There are plenty of places to use polyurea flooring throughout the home, thanks partly to its versatility.


One of the most popular uses for polyurea flooring in the home is the garage. Its durability and low maintenance make it perfect for spills while parking or working on your car.

Garages are also an excellent place for side projects. Broken windows, toys, and bicycles all seem to find their way to the workbench in the garage. You might also find yourself painting a dresser and doing other DIY projects.

Laundry Room

The laundry room sees temperature changes, including humidity. It also sees different levels of moisture.

In addition, dirty laundry comes with grit and grime. Dirty clothes from sporting end outdoor activities can make the floor a mess.

Your polyurea flooring will also hold up to spill from laundry detergent or liquid fabric softeners. In case your washer overflows, your floors will have protection.


Outdoor pool decks are an excellent place for polyurea flooring. Reducing the chance of a slip on wet pavement makes everyone feel safer.

People are always spilling drinks and food on the pool deck. Clean-up is easy. You won’t attract ants or bugs.

Extend polyurea to the patio for even more versatility and durability.

Home Gym

Floors take a beating from gym equipment. Stationary bikes and rowing machines can also harm a concrete floor.

Polyurea is ideal because of its nonslip surface. Your floor won’t chip or crack from dropping weights.

Moreover, sweat is easier to clean and disinfect.

Rec Room

Your basement rec room is ideal for polyurea flooring. You won’t worry about spills or messes when kids (and adults) gather to play ping pong or pool.

A rec room is multipurpose. From craft projects to birthday parties, the durability of a polyurea floor will hold up to any event!

Putting a concrete floor covering in any of these places also improves resale.

The Benefits of Polyurea Flooring for Your Home

There are several benefits to having polyurea in your home, including its low-maintenance, durability, and slip-resistance. Polyurea flooring is also customizable and has a fast cure rate. You can also use it in several places throughout your home.

Contact us today if you are considering polyurea floor coatings for your home. Our skilled professionals can walk you through the entire process – from design to installation. You will soon see the benefits of having these durable and low-maintenance floors as part of your home!


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