10 Reasons To Consider Polyurea Flooring

October 13, 2022

Did you know that the polyurea market is set to reach a value of $2 billion by 2027? That is exponential growth from the $1.2 billion it had in 2021!

A subset of polyurethane, polyurea is stronger than epoxy and quickly becoming the flooring of choice in many industries across America. They are also the first choice for homeowners looking to coat and protect their garage floors.

We’ve collected the top ten reasons to consider polyurea for your home or business. Continue reading below to find out why polyurea flooring is the best choice for you!

1. Polyurea Flooring is Resistant to UV Rays

Polyurea works well in sunny areas, as well as, garages because it is UV-resistant. This is one of the characteristics that make polyurea coatings so popular in the automotive industry.

Because it’s UV-resistant, you don’t have to worry about fading or discoloration. Its glossy appearance lasts for years to come. You also save money you would have to spend re-coating epoxy.

2. It’s Water-Resistant

Polyurea is water-resistant making it a great flooring choice for areas where water can cause damage. Polyurea flooring is ideal for your garage to defend against water seeping into cracks.

Polyurea coating on concrete is an effective method to maintain your foundation. Water against your foundation causes problems, such as cracking, but polyurea is a first and last line of defense.

3. Defends Against Chemicals & Stains

Polyurea is resistant to chemicals and stains. This means that areas, where cars are being worked on, would benefit from polyurea flooring. There are no worries about oil stains.

Other places where polyurea flooring comes in handy are labs handling hazardous materials or anywhere there is a threat of spilling chemicals. They won’t quickly corrode the flooring or cause staining.

It also works as a perfect sealant for the oil and gas industry. Polyurea spray equipment makes it possible to spray the outside of frac tanks and keep chemicals from leaking out.

4. Quick to Install

The time it takes to cure polyurea flooring is much faster than pouring or laying other types. While a similar material, epoxy, takes days to fully cure, polyurea simply takes a couple of hours.

This means that you are able to use, drive on, and park on polyurea flooring within the day! If you’re needing a quick and easy option, this is the way to go.

5. Polyurea Flooring is Durable

On top of being resistant to water, oil, and chemicals, polyurea flooring is flexible and elastic. For this reason, it’s more durable and able to flex with concrete.

You don’t need to worry about bubbling or cracking. It won’t peel either!

Polyurea lasts decades without needing new coats added. Whether you’re wanting durable, water-proof flooring indoors or outdoors, polyurea gets the job done well.

6. It’s Easy to Maintain

Because polyurea isn’t porous, liquids aren’t going to seep into it. Spills are easy to mop or wipe up.

The only maintenance required is basic upkeep. If it gets dusty, the floor just needs a sweep. If there are leaves, blow them out.

Any major spills can easily be hosed off without fear of causing water damage. This makes it a great choice for both businesses and homeowners.

7. It’s Customizable

For those of you that are a fan of having a unique look, polyurea flooring has many different options. It can even be made to look like granite, except it’s a much lower cost and easier to maintain!

Pick whatever colors you want for your vinyl chips and finish it off with the coating of your choice. Get glittery with a metallic coat or choose a solid color system instead.

Either way, you have many more options with polyurea than you do with something like epoxy. Unlike epoxy, you can mix shades and customize colors.

8. It’s Slip-Resistant

Once polyurea is dry, it has a texture that makes it easy to walk on. Floors are dangerous in wintery conditions, but the vinyl chips in this coating make it safer.

This feature makes polyurea a perfect choice for putting around pools. Its non-slip texture helps avoid falls on pool decking! It’s a giant plus that it’s also UV and water-resistant.

Polyurea is an ideal choice for businesses that want to avoid employee and customer falls. Keep lawsuits at bay by avoiding them in the first place with this non-slip option.

9. It’s an Environmentally-Friendly Option

Polyurea doesn’t contain harmful compounds called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. This makes it less hazardous than other coatings, such as epoxy.

There isn’t as much of a chemical smell with polyurea coating. It’s also water-based, which means that it is an easier clean-up.

10. It’s Affordable

While the initial cost of polyurea is higher than that of epoxy, it is still an affordable option. On average, it costs about $5 to $7 per square foot.

You also have to remember all of the money you’re saving by not having to re-coat every few months. The first coating lasts longer than epoxy by many years.

Get a Polyurea Flooring Estimate

Polyurea has a vast amount of benefits for most industries and homeowners. It spruces up any garage floor or patio, while providing layers of protection for your concrete.

It’s durable and proven against spills, stains, and chemicals. Polyurea industrial protective coatings also prevent corrosion!

Choose flooring that lasts without adding unnecessary maintenance and upkeep. We can help with that.

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