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Shield Industrial Coatings offers sprayed-on protective linings that are ideal for various containment situations, both primary and secondary.

Polyurea is an extremely versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways to prevent things like oil spills and hazardous material leaks from spreading. One way it’s often used is in the construction of secondary containment systems, which are designed to contain and prevent leaks from reaching soil, water, or air.

Polyurea is favored for this application because it’s strong, durable, and resistant to both corrosion and abrasion. It’s an extremely durable material and one of its best characteristics is its rapid cure rate, providing its consumers with a quick return to service.

Our high-performance coatings form a tight seal around any leaks or spills, preventing any dangerous chemicals from seeping out and harming the environment. It can be applied quickly and at a low cost, making it an attractive option for companies looking for a fast, affordable solution to secondary containment.

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Shield Industrial Coatings is a USA made Polyurea chemical supplier. Polyurea is an extremely versatile, thick milled, quick-setting material that can provide benefits in many different industries due to its dynamic chemical structure. Polyurea products are available in custom colors and used as spray coatings for corrosion protection, chemical resistance, and spray in bed liners.


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