A Complete Guide to Industrial Coatings: Why Polyurea Is Best

January 26, 2023

Did you know that the market for polyurea coatings around the world is worth more than $1.2 billion every year? However, this industry is expected to grow by more than 10% every year in the immediate future. That rate of growth is fast enough for the whole industry to double in size every seven years or so!

But why is there so much growing demand for these quality industrial coatings? There are many metrics you can use to assess different industrial coatings. However, by almost every possible metric, polyurea options are better than other choices.

But what are the advantages of polyurea coatings that make them such a great choice? Read on to learn all about the biggest reasons that polyurea coatings are the best industrial options on the market!

Polyurea Coatings Resist Physical Damage

One of the main purposes of industrial coatings is to protect underlying surfaces from physical damage. In this respect, polyurea coatings provide much better protection than alternatives like epoxy.

Polyurea coatings can resist incredible amounts of force delivered to them all at once, making them ideal for industrial environments.

Polyurea Protective Coatings Resist Chemicals

Industrial coatings also need to protect underlying surfaces from chemical damage. In this respect, polyurea coatings are once again superior.

Other kinds of coatings tend to take significant damage from chemical spills. They are somewhat delicate and you may need to clean up any spills right away to avoid suffering from extra damage.

However, although it is still important to be responsive when managing chemical spills on a polyurea coating, you can relax more. These coatings resist chemical damage and will not allow the chemicals to reach through them and damage the surface underneath.

On top of that, polyurea coatings can maintain their appearance even after being subject to both physical and chemical damage. Some people are concerned that their industrial coating will look worse as the weeks and months go by. Although every coating ages to some degree, your polyurea coating will last much longer and show fewer signs of damage and wear.

Polyurea Coatings Resist Ultraviolet Rays

Some industrial coatings are only appropriate for environments without exposure to the sun. In contrast, you can use polyurea coatings anywhere. That is because these amazing coatings can also resist damage from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Many other industrial options will start to yellow as they get older. If they are exposed to the sun, this process will accelerate. That means that using these options outdoors requires accepting that they will turn yellow.

On the other hand, you can use polyurea coatings outdoors without any such problems.

These coatings resist all kinds of damage, including water damage. That is another reason that they are an acceptable choice for all kinds of environments. Whether they are protected or not, polyurea coatings do an amazing job of protecting what they cover.

Enjoy Flexible Industrial Protective Coatings

Polyurea floor coatings are more flexible than other alternatives. Some people make the mistake of mixing up flexibility and weakness. However, the truth is very much the opposite.

Because these floors are so flexible, they resist damage even better. When they are hit by a heavy force, they will slightly flex to better absorb the damage. That way, the same force is absorbed by a larger area of the floor.

The end result is that these coatings can take a beating and bounce right back!

This flexibility also helps polyurea coatings from temperature damage. As temperatures get higher, objects tend to expand. When they get colder, they contract in on themselves.

When you expand and contract many industrial coatings over and over again, you weaken them. However, polyurea coatings do not have this problem. Their flexibility lets them manage expansion and contraction without issue.

Polyurea Coatings Are Easy to Clean

In fact, polyurea coatings are easier to clean than surfaces that do not have an industrial coating on them. As a result, getting a polyurea coating can make cleaning the floor faster and more affordable.

If you manage the cleaning on your own, that will save you time and effort. If someone else is cleaning the floor, then they will be able to get the job done faster and easier. Either way, this can help you lower your total costs for cleaning and maintenance.

Find the Right Protective Coatings Company for You

As amazing as this product is, you need an excellent supplier to make the most of it. That is why it is so important to find the right company to provide your polyurea industrial coating.

The raw materials to create polyurea sometimes come from overseas. With supply chain issues, raw materials are unreliable reaching US suppliers leaving clients with no Polyurea and customers with no products.

That’s why now, more than ever, it’s important to buy American-made.

Made in the USA. Ready to ship today. Made in America. Made to last.

Understand the Best Options for Industrial Coatings

Although there are many kinds of industrial coatings, polyurea options stand out for their quality and versatility. The more that you learn about these coatings, the more you will appreciate why polyurea options are such a great choice. You can enjoy the quick installation of a polyurea coating and it will last for many years to come.

To learn more about these quality industrial coatings, reach out and get in touch with us at any time!


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