What Should You Understand About Mobile Spray Rigs?

November 24, 2022

When it comes to the application of polyurea industrial protective coatings, there are a few different methods you can utilize. That said, the supreme form of application is with mobile spray rigs.

Wondering what you should know about these rigs? Then keep on reading because we’re going to cover it all in detail below.

What Is a Mobile Spray Rig?

A mobile spray rig is a portable rig that’s used to spray polyurea foam insulation. It can be brought to different job sites with ease and contains all of the equipment that is characteristic of a standard spray rig.

Mobile spray rigs come in an enclosed case. This case protects everything during transit, ensuring that minimal damage is incurred over time.

There is a variety of equipment included in a mobile spray rig. This equipment includes the following:

Foam Compressor

A key part of any spray rig is the foam compressor. This provides air to the drum mixer, transfer pumps, and spray gun, ensuring that the foam is ejected at an appropriate speed.


Standard foam rigs are connected to established electrical systems. Mobile spray rigs require generators in order to receive power. The generator powers not only the compressor but the spray foam machine as well.

Air Dryer

Another component included in a mobile spray rig is the air dryer. The air dryer is used to rid the compressor of moisture prior to the application of foam. In doing so, it allows for a smooth and consistent application.

Drum Rack Station

Up next is the drum rack station. This is responsible for holding 55-gallon drums in place during transit. It ensures that no materials are lost and also allows the driver to get from point A to point B safely.

Safety Supply

Generally speaking, mobile spray rigs contain safety supply areas as well. These hold first aid equipment as well as things like user manuals. They’re designed for easy access in the event that someone is harmed while using the rig.

Transfer Pump

The transfer pump is responsible for transferring spray foam from the drum to the sprayer itself. It works in conjunction with a series of shafts and valves, ensuring that the spray is reliable and consistent.

Drum Heaters

You will also find drum heaters contained with a mobile spray rig. These heaters not only keep materials from freezing in cold temperatures but also regulate the materials at their preferred temperature ranges so as to allow for optimal functionality.

Spray Foam Machine

Obviously, there is a spray foam machine included. This helps process the foam before it is applied, ensuring that it possesses the proper thickness and consistency.

Spray Hoses

The spray hoses connect to the spray foam machine and lead to spray guns. These hoses are built to keep their contents at a regulated temperature, ensuring that they remain at the right consistency throughout the application process.

Spray Gun

Attached to the spray hoses are spray guns. These guns mix various materials that come from the drums, ensuring that the right foam concoction is created. They then apply the mixed material as needed.

The Advantages of a Mobile Spray Rig

The advantages of mobile spray rigs are many. Some of the biggest benefits of these rigs include the following:


The biggest benefit of these rigs is obvious: portability. You can take these essentially anywhere, allowing you to complete jobs far away from established power sources.

Building a house and applying polyurea foam insulation? Your mobile spray rig will accommodate you.

Putting foam roofing on your commercial building? Again, a mobile spray rig will serve you well.

The Ability to Regulate Spray Temperatures

A huge key when it comes to the application of spray foam is maintaining the right temperature. Unfortunately, not all spray rigs are able to provide temperature regulation. Mobile spray rigs, however, do this with great success.

Because these rigs are enclosed, they keep all of their equipment and materials protected from extreme weather. Therefore, nothing ever gets too hot or too cold. This results in fewer wasted materials and money saved overall.

It also ensures that materials are ready for use whenever it’s time for you to use them. This reduces the risk of project delays and ultimately saves you money.


Another big benefit of mobile spray rigs is that they can be customized to suit your specific needs. Not only can they be made in different sizes but with different functional features as well.

The key is to purchase your mobile spray rig from a company with customization capabilities in its manufacturing process. If you’re looking for such a company, look no further than Shield Industrial Coatings.

Centralized Operation

The last benefit we’re going to discuss is the benefit of a centralized operation. Mobile spray rigs keep all parts in close contact with one another. As such, you don’t need to gather and organize parts prior to an application. Everything is already where it needs to be.

In addition, because these parts are in such close contact, they’re exceedingly easy to use. Everything is set up for optimal convenience.

Looking to Purchase Mobile Spray Rigs?

As you can see, mobile spray rigs have a lot to offer in terms of performance and functionality. Looking to purchase mobile spray rigs currently? We here at Marvel Industrial Coatings have you covered.

We build custom spray rigs for all forms of polyurea coatings. Regardless of your polyurea spray equipment needs, we have you covered.

Learn more about our mobile spray rigs now!


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